Who's Watching Your Property When You're Away?

At 'We Watch' we look after your property when you are not there.  We offer 24/7 monitoring of your house and property with our state of the art technology.  You can go away for a week on business, take a six month holiday or a weekend break with complete peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. 

We understand that a home and its contents are of utmost importance to our clients. Leaving a key with someone can be a constant worry. Asking a neighbour or family member to look after your house and belongings is not always convenient or acceptable.  Let us look after your home for you so you can be worry free.

 What we offer:

  •  24/7 monitoring - inside and outside

  • Turning lights on and off

  • Monitored Smoke Alarms

  • Physically check your home

Our bespoke service means that whatever monitoring you require, we will be able to offer you a package that suits your needs.

Additionally we can cover-

  • Surveillance
  • Vacant property checks
  • Business protection  
  • Event security 
  • Close protection